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I have been where You are.

My health journey started at a very young age and in very hectic times of my life.

As I worked with fashion, I was constantly on the go - catching a flight, moving to a new place or striking a pose. I was often tired, puffy, achy, cranky and bloated. It wasn't long before my body got covered with hundreds of scaly patches that later was diagnosed as psoriasis. Like that wasn’t enough, I gained 10 kilos, had acne breakouts and didn’t have my period for more than 2 years. Not only it kept me questioning why I was ill at a young age but propelled me to become a AFPA certified nutrition professional. Education gave me the knowledge and tools to figure out what my body needed.

Now I help other beautiful women who are looking to lose weight and get their energy back. 
Just like me, often times these women are dealing with hormonal imbalances or autoimmune issues. As a nutritionist, I approach my work with warmth and compassion, always making space for each individual’s unique background. We don’t strive for perfection or eliminate entire food groups. Rather, we strategically change our thoughts about what living a healthy life really means so that healthy choices are easy and natural.

Together, we create the optimal environment to balance hormones, alleviate PMS symptoms, clear cyclical breakouts, regulate the menstrual cycle, elevate energy and mental clarity, reduce bloating, promote optimal digestion, lower inflammation, recover metabolic health, restore deep sleep, nourish the nervous system, and so much more. I give you evidence-based tools you need to navigate your specific needs so you can always get the results you want. Whether your goal is to become thin, manage certain autoimmune diseases or balance your hormones, I'll provide you with the simplest and easiest ways to get there!

I believe that each of us has within us the power to transform our lives, but the journey is always easier when we do it together.

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Natural Tools
Learn how to respond to your
health issues using natural tools
sourced straight from the Earth.
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Personalised Plans
Get health plans and
recommendations tailored to your personal needs and goals.
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Firm Support
I'll help you build and boost your confidence in sustaining new healthy habits.
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Lasting Results
Learn healthy dietary habits that will last a lifetime.
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Tactical Solutions
Apply tiny little tweaks that unlock big changes.
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Flexible Meals
Reach your health goals without sacrificing the foods you know and love. Combine pleasure and nourishment.