Aurelia Cincikaite Nutrition training with weights
Overwhelmed by the amount
of information out there?
Searching for the right guidance
to get results in less time?
Frustrated that every diet you've tried...
hasn't worked?
Struggling to manage
an ongoing skin condition?

STOP settling for anything less than OPTIMAL 
If you aren’t getting what you want from your body,
it’s very possible your body isn’t getting what it needs from YOU.

If you want results, it’s time to make the changes needed
to get your body working WITH YOU not against you.

You are not alone.
I am here to help.

I'm Aurelia,
a holistic nutritionist and wellness expert.

I want to share with you my methods for achieving women's natural wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

I combine proven science and habit building to develop truly personalised nutrition solutions for long term success.
Aurelia holding a plate of fresh figs from the garden

To all brilliant, beautiful and successful women out there
who want to end the exhausting cycle of dieting, curb cravings,
improve skin health, shed extra pounds and restore reproductive health...
...this is your
to permanent 
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What my clients say

"Sincere thanks to Aurelia, who reminded me the magnitude of nutrition in life and showed me once again that the right diet changes absolutely everything. I followed Aurelia's programme for four weeks. It wasn’t easy, but Aurelia was always there to support me psychologically, gave me the tools and knowledge to make choices and create plans that worked specifically for me and my schedule. I was so happy to see the results: the skin cleared from acne, I had more energy, and my sleep quality has significantly improved. Not to mention, I stopped spending money on junk food and snacks... 8 months later, I am super grateful for lasting results that I wouldn’t be able to achieve without help of Aurelia."

Ernest, photo of a customer

"It has been a long journey towards my perfect skin but Aurelia’s Nutrition program was a game changer. I have been suffering from intense rosacea on my face for almost 4 years. It all changed a year ago, when I started following Aurelia’s created nutrition program and my skin condition improved so significantly, that none of the drugs or laser procedures I tried haven’t managed to do so in 4 years. Since then I am so happy with my healed skin that today I couldn’t recommend anyone more. As she said, body is your temple - be mindful what you put in it. A personalised nutrition plan with a focus of healing rosacea was a life changer for me. Thank you Aurelia."

Vaida, photo of a customer

"I initially came to Aurelia with one goal - weight loss. I have been trying out different diets I found on the internet and as you can imagine, it was time consuming, sometimes effective but never sustainable. I later learned I was making my body and mind sicker, not healthier! What Aurelija embraces is a holistic approach which is backed by extensive research and science. Instead of following a plan blindly, I was given so much education that I learned how to chose foods that are good for me, how they affect my body and mind. This ensured I have long lasting sustainable results. I cannot recommend her enough, she’s sweet, kind, patient and most of all - professional. If you are looking to learn how to become healthy for life while reaching your goals - you came to the right place."

Ieva, photo of a happy customer

"When I started Aurelia’s Nutrition program, she focussed on my primary concern - weight loss - but made sure I also change my mindset and relationship with food, which literally changed my life. I rarely eat meat or dairy any more and I have never felt better. I always wanted to explore it, but looking for alternatives was just difficult without guidance. She held my hand through the transition making it easier than I ever expected. My skin is better, I have less bloating, more energy, my hormone levels have normalised. I have lost the weight I desired but that was just a bi-product of becoming healthier and learning to listen to my own body. She helped me meal plan and prep, how to grocery shop, how to stay healthy if you’re traveling or eating out, how to basically manage everything in the daily life so it becomes a natural habit."

Stefanie, photo of a happy customer
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Nourish your soul
Transform your health
Enjoy your life